Illegal Drugs Discovered At Pleasantville Nursing Home


Employees said they made a drug discovery on a vending machine inside the Heartland-Fairfield Nursing Center.

Fairfield County sheriff's investigators believe it's LSD, a hallucinogenic drug popular in the 1960's, rarely seen circulating in Central Ohio today.

Detectives said a cleaning crew discovered a sheet of the drug about the size of a business card, during a routine cleaning.

They believe it had been there for two or three days.

The nursing center turned it over to investigators, who are now working to determine who left it there and why.

The Heartland-Fairfield Nursing Center released a statement to 10TV, saying they perform drug screenings on all employees and don't believe employees or patients were in danger at any time.

Now, sheriff's detectives are working to determine who left it there and why.

“There's no evidence that nursing home patients were using this, or anything like that,” said Jerry Perrigo, Fairfield Co Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators plan to test the sheet to confirm the presence of the psychedelic drug.

“LSD is probably one of the worst of the hallucinogens, and even on the first use, you can produce induced and prolonged paranoia,” said Paul Coleman, Maryhaven.

It’s a drug rarely seen on the streets in decades resurfacing in one of the least likely of places.