Ice Jams Add To Flooding Problems in Central Ohio

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Flooding continued to be a problem in Delaware County Friday and ice jams are a big reason why.

"Pulled up in front of my house and this is what you see," said Steve Sharp.

Huge chunks of ice are tumbling onto the road in front of Smith's home. 

"Eight feet of ice, never seen it like this before," said Smith.

An amazing sight but also inconvenient and it could be downright dangerous should any of that ice fall on anything or anyone.  ODOT set to work, scooping it up, running it down the road and dumping it behind guardrails.

"I think they talked about keeping the road closed overnight," Smith said.

That's over fears the still rising river may push the ice over the edge again.

Water overflowing the banks is a big concern further North.  In Marion County, the people of Prospect are preparing.

"We don't have a basement so when it comes up, it comes in there's nowhere for it to go," said Christi Gilbert.

That horror became reality back in December.  Gilbert dreads it again.

"We had to wade out of here in our high boots," said Gilbert.

For her neighbor across the street, it's even worse.  Elizabeth Hunt's home sits just feet from the river's edge.

"The worst time we flooded, we were probably out of the house for a little less than a month," said Hunt.

ODOT is putting the warning out again.  Highway 203 is already closed.   Right now, the road is dry but the water is expected to spill out over its banks and creep toward the houses steadily through the weekend.

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