Hundreds Rally In Support Of Same-Sex Marriage Amid Key Federal Arguments In Cincinnati


Hundreds of supporters of same-sex marriage rallied on Wednesday in Cincinnati, lining the Federal Courthouse with banners and signs.

Some prepared for a wedding, while others were anxious to get a coveted ticket to get inside.  They all say they wanted to show their support for the couples who testified, but to also share something about themselves.  

“That is what we are here for, telling our stories is what is going to really connect it for people,” said Joshua Snyder-Hill.  He, along with his partner Stephen, were married three years ago in Washington DC.  Stephen has been in the military 25 years and says while his marriage is recognized on the base, it's not when they get home to Columbus.

"Our marriage is valid in our hearts, valid in our minds but it is not valid in the state of Ohio,” explains Stephen.  “So that is what we are here today to try and change."

The Snyder-Hill's were joined by others from central Ohio who say they needed to be in Cincinnati.

"I think it is important that we channel our resources and our energy to our community's most vulnerable,” said Cherno Biko of Columbus.  She says it is inevitable that marriage equality in Ohio will prevail.

While judges heard arguments inside the federal courthouse, hundreds rallied outside Cincinnati’s Fountain Square chanting for equal rights.

Supporters like Joshua Snyder-Hill say they hope their stories will show others they just want to protect their families.  "When we ask somebody to become an ally to support us 100 percent. We are asking them to respect us 100 percent like we do them. And that's all that it is."