Humane Officials Call 10-Day Jail Sentence For Man Who Decapitated Puppy ‘Big Win’

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Humane officials said that they thought a 10-day jail sentence handed to a man who pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges was a win.

According to Christine Roan of the Circle Area Humane Society, many people who face animal cruelty charges never see the inside of a jail cell.

“We don’t get too many cruelty cases that actually get jail time, so that was a big step,” Roan said.

Kyle A. Jenkins will spend 10 days in jail and two years of probation after he admitted to decapitating a puppy and neglecting other animals over the past 10 months.

One 4-month-old Pee-Wee was found alive at Jenkins’ apartment.

“Upstairs we saw the decapitated puppy,” Jenkins said. “That a person would know that’s what was in your apartment and you can just ignore that. That’s really disturbing. “

Officials said that Jenkins owned eight animals in 10 months. Five of the animals are dead. The Pee-Wee was in the basement of the apartment with no food, water or litter box.

“His gums were pale white when we got him out of the basement, and he was very, very starved,” Roan said.

Some Circleville residents said that they were upset that Jenkins was sentenced to only 10 days.

Roan said that she was happy that Jenkins would receive help.

“The young man’s got some troubles, and we’re just thankful he’s getting some counseling,” Roan said.

According to the court, Jenkins is banned from having contact with animals during his two-year probation.

The manager of Jenkins’ apartment complex said that he had only lived there for about a month and a half and now is in the process of being evicted.

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