How did your school perform? 2016-17 state report cards released for Ohio districts


The Ohio Department of Education released its annual state report card for schools and school districts statewide Thursday morning.

The districts are graded on six categories of performance:

  • Achievement
  • Progress
  • Gap Closing
  • Graduation Rate
  • K-3 Literacy
  • Prepared for Success

10TV evaluated some of central Ohio's largest school districts.

Columbus City Schools earned an F in 4 of the 6 indicators. That’s a slight improvement from 2016. Last year, the district received 5 F's with the exception of a D in the prepared for success category.

This year, the district improved in K-3 Literacy. The district was given a D.

Delaware City Schools, Hilliard City Schools and South-Western City also ranked an F for the “indicators met” grade, which shows how well students performed on state exams. Those districts tended to do better in graduation rates, K-3 literacy and progress component grades.

Education officials say, although the grade may not have changed, they did see improvement among most districts statewide. For instance, high school level algebra saw a 3% increase in performance scores.

“Just as my own child gets a 93 or gets a 97, that gets translated into a letter grade on a report card. But you want to look at those numbers behind it. So the grade tells you one picture, but you really want to dig in a little bit further,” said Chris Woolard, senior executive director for the Ohio Department of Education.

Several school districts dropped in their grades for certain components.

Last year, Pickerington Local earned a D in the “indicators met” field. This year, the school district earned an F.

The report card reflected a similar trend for Worthington City Schools. The district earned a D last year but saw an F on the report this year. The district earned A's across the board in graduation rates, but earned C's in achievement components and K-3 literacy.

Dublin City Schools saw the biggest dip among school districts in Central Ohio. The district earned an “indicators met” grade of B last year, but this year saw a D on the state report card. The district saw dips in their gifted and achievement components. But, the district improved in its progress and graduation component grades.

Click here to view the full state report card.