House Bill Proposes Boosting State Speed Limit To 70

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Some lawmakers want to increase the speed limit of the state’s most traveled roads.

House Bill 68 proposes pushing the speed limit from 65 miles per hour to 70 mph on highways outside of major cities and towns.

Drivers who 10TV News spoke with said that the Buckeye State sometimes has the nickname of “Slow-Hio,” because all the state’s interstates, except for the Ohio Turnpike, have speeds that are lower than neighboring states, such as Michigan.

“People will get used to it,” said driver Ed Sheehan.

Sheehan travels from his home in Louisville to his job in New Jersey every few weeks, and this trip always takes him right through Ohio.

“Seventy miles per hours is a lot better than 65 or 55,” Sheehan said. “I can go back and forth a lot quicker.”

Driver Victoria LeschVonRandall talked to 10TV News as she was heading back to New York after a trip to Florida with her family.

“So the faster they make it, the faster you’re going to go anyways, so it possibly isn’t good for safety, but it gets us where we’re going quicker, and with a car full of eight kids, we need to get where we’re going as quick as we can,” LeschVonRandall said.

Many drivers already push the speed limit, and go faster than 65 miles per hour.

Officials with the Ohio State Highway Patrol said they are watching the proposed legislation closely.

“Speed is definitely a contributing factor to crashes, so is failure to yield and impaired driving.  We obviously work within the law as it is established through the legislative process, and we’re going to continue to keep an open line of communication with them, regarding that issue,” said Lt. Anne Ralston with the OSHP.

One driver said the speed limit issue boils down to one thing.

“I don’t think it’s so much the speed, I just think it’s responsibility, paying attention to the road,” said driver Kim Jones from Warren, Ohio.
The speed limit within Franklin County and the outer belt would most probably stay at 65 mph. The change with the proposal would occur outside of major towns and cities.

Cities still have a say in setting speed limits.

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