Horse That Was Set On Fire Recovers At Ohio State’s Equine Center


A 6-year-old horse named Northstar arrived late Wednesday night at the Ohio State University’s Equine Center to recover from burns.

According to investigators, Northstar was set on fire and suffers burns all the way to the bone.

“This is a criminal act,” said veterinarian Sam Hurcombe. “Someone intended to hurt this horse.”

Doctors said that Northstar suffered from first, second, third and fourth degree burns.

“This is definitely one of the worst cases of animal cruelty that I’ve seen,” Hurcombe said. “He has injuries to probably 40 to 50 percent of his body.

The crime took place 12 days ago, and Northstar’s owners decided that they had to transport the horse to Ohio State to help him survive.

“The plan now is to make sure Northstar’s burns don’t become infected,” Hurcombe said. “Once they’ve healed, the doctors will do skin grafts in an effort to restore most of the skin he lost.”

Hurcombe said that Northstar will be disfigured with scars and will have areas where hair will never regrow.

Despite the pain, Northstar continues to fight his way back to health. He is eating, walking and welcomes strangers.

“He has a shot, he definitely has a shot,” Northstar said.

An anonymous donor is paying for Northstar’s care at Ohio State. The owners said that they do not have the money to care for him once he is taken home to Pennsylvania.

Police in Pennsylvania continue to investigate who is responsible for Northstar’s injuries.

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