Horse Recovering After Being Set On Fire


Northstar has his own doctor, room and files but he is not your normal hospital patient.

This horse has a nose for nuzzling, an ear for country music and a constant craving for apple wafers.

Northstar came to Ohio State University from Crawford County, Pa., after someone set him on fire.

His doctor said things are getting better, but visible scaring and scabbing shows that healing has just begun.

“Northstar is very happy. (We’ve) dialed down his pain meds and his wounds are healing wonderfully,” said Dr. Sam Hurcombe, assistant professor of equine emergency care. “He's got a long way to go. I don't want to diminish that.”

But for all the love that Northstar has for his care takers, he's getting it back tenfold.

It seems Northstar is becoming a real star.

“He loves people, the attention, the TLC here in the hospital,” said Hurcombe. “All the fan mail he's been getting this horse is getting more famous than the Kardashians.”

Cards and emails from across the world have been sent. People are falling in love with this horse who is recovering from a horrible crime.

His doctor said they are doing everything they can for him, but the burns that cover 40 percent of his body isn't something they see often.

“I've never dealt with a situation like this bad or an injury this severe,” Hurcombe said.

In fact, when they first brought him in, the outlook was not good, but one thing is now clear to Northstar's doctors and growing fan base. They know he’s going to live.

The doctors said Northstar will eventually go home to his barn with his iTunes play list of the hottest country artists, but he likely won't be a riding horse because of the injuries to his skin.

He probably won't be able to go outside either, without a special coat.

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