Hopeful Parents Turn To Social Media For Adoption Help

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When it comes to getting the message out, the Internet has become everyone’s favorite megaphone.

When fertility issues left John and Kristen Juth childless, they decided to pursue their dreams of parenthood through adoption.

They hired attorney Tommy Taneff, who said that when it comes to adoption, demand far exceeds supply.

“They have to be patient. They could wait anywhere from a year to two years,” Taneff said.

The attorney said that the best way for a couple to shorten that wait is to get the word out as much as possible.

“The couple that is going to have the fastest success, the most success, is the couple who is not going to sit back and wait for a lawyer or an agency to locate a baby for them,” Taneff said. “The couple that is going to have quicker success is the couple that is going to get out their network, use social media.”

It is a recommendation that Taneff said he makes to all of his clients, including the Juth’s.

“When he said Facebook, it was something that clicked, and I thought, “I can make a Facebook page. I think this could be pretty easy.’” Kristen Juth said.

The Juth’s have joined many other prospective parents in sharing their stories online and asking their friends to do the same.

“We have about 560 ‘likes’ on our page, so the word is getting out there,” John Juth said.

The attorney said that some of his clients’ online efforts have produced results.

“We’re seeing the same period it takes a couple to locate a birth mother shortened from anywhere from one to two years to six to 12 months if they’re aggressive with social media,” Taneff said.

The Juth’s said that every new “share” of their story is a cause for optimism.  

“There is a baby out there, and we will find that baby,” Juth said.

The couple already has started their nursery for their baby and said that they are more than ready to start a family.

“Everything’s going to be OK, once that baby’s in our arms,” Kristen Juth said. “All this wait, all the tears, it will be well worth it.”

Taneff said that he has about 30 clients who have had success adoption matches at least in part through the help of social media.

He said that it still is crucial to have legal counsel through the process to make sure parents are protected.

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