Homes Damaged By Shooter Armed With AR-15

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Columbus police are investigating bullet damage at two homes in Southeast Columbus.

The distinct hole and radiating spider web cracks seem out of place in the window of a home in the 3800 block of Spangler Road.

"I'm flabbergasted. Our neighborhood, I didn't think was like this," said Rick Swank.

Swank and his wife surveyed the damage. The bullet whizzed through the front window and over the couch. It pierced the drapes and left metal fragments lodged in the wall. Another skidded across the front bricks. Neighbors say the gunfire was from a car. Police said someone in the car was shooting with a high-powered rifle.

"With the bullets that they retrieved from the other houses, it was an AR-15," Swank said.

Neighbors think the car pulled out of a development across the street. The bullets hit a home, then one next door and shell casings were found down the street.

No one was hit by any of the gunfire. Neighbors don't understand what's behind the shooting spree.

"Can't reason why somebody would do this," Swank said.   

Neighbors say police told them they plan to check for DNA on the bullets they recovered.

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