Homes Around Scioto River Dealing With Flood Waters Through Christmas

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The Scioto River continues to overflow its banks in the village of Prospect.

Several homes have at least six feet of water inside, and the flooding isn't letting up.

The village sits on the banks of the river and routinely floods, but homeowners say it has not been this bad in about four years.

"That’s my back porch. If it reaches the top step, it’s in my house, said Jessica Hines. "It’s the first time since I’ve lived here that it’s been around the house like this."

All of her kids' toys are now on the porch to prevent them from floating down the street where the water is ankle deep in some spots.

"We’re out here 3 and 4 in the morning trying to save them," she says.

Saving the toys was one thing, now she’s hoping to save her family’s Christmas.

"My Christmas presents are upstairs (and) my tree, it may be floating in the living room," she says.
The Scioto River crested at about 14 feet on Sunday and isn't expected to recede for at least 18 hours.

In the Village of Green Camp, a homeowner had to be rescued from his home off Water Street when flood waters surrounded the home and began seeping through the front door.

The fire department brought in a rescue boat and got the man, his wife, and their dog to safety. No one was injured.