Homeowner Scams Heat Up As Warmer Weather Approaches

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As warmer weather approaches police say homeowner scams spring up like weeds.

Two Central Ohio police departments have issued warnings about potential scams to give homeowners a heads-up about what could come to their neighborhoods.

The warnings came from Genoa Township Police and the New Albany Police Department.

Molly Mchale is the block watch captain of her Genoa Township neighborhood.

It's a neighborhood that she said prides itself in staying informed about potential crimes.

"If there is something happening in one area there is potential that it could happen in ours," Mchale said.

The Genoa Township Police Department sent out an alert, warning people about door to door home improvement scammers.

Mchale says she emailed it to her block watch group and they're ready.

"If there's a suspicious vehicle in the area and we've got the word out, people are looking for it and they don't hesitate to call," she said.

A similar warning was sent by New Albany Police about home improvement scammers looking to break into homes.

"There is a misconception that burglaries happen at night. The fact is a lot of these burglaries happen during the daytime," said Sergeant Kris Daniels of the New Albany Police Department.

Police sent a warning to residents that read, "If you see contractors going into back yards at times when you know people are not home, please alert the police."

Police say if you see a suspicious vehicle in your neighborhood, make sure you take down a good description of it, especially the license plate.

Write down a description of the people associated with the car as well.

If someone comes to your door trying to sell you something don't pay them. Check them out with better business bureau first.

"The whole purpose of this is to keep our community informed and an informed community is a safe community," said Sergeant Daniels.

Police suggest if you plan to be away from your house for an extended period of time, call police and request a vacation patrol.

The request will notify an officer to drive by your house.

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