Homeowner Says He Was Duped By Landscaping Company

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A new warning issued for people shopping around for landscape companies.

One couple said a landscape company targeted them and now they're out a thousand dollars and an even bigger mess.

Karl Cockrell said his Pickerington lawn has sat unfinished for months.

He said he wanted to give his wife a generous gift for Mother's day last year, but the landscaping company never finished the project.

10TV has chosen not to name the owner of "Scapes Landscaping" because no charges have been filed.

Cockrell said the owner left a flyer in his mailbox for service and after the two agreed on the project, the owner asked for a $1,000 deposit.

Cockrell said the owner started the removal of plants but never came back to finish the job and also stopped returning his phone calls.

10TV was also unsuccessful in getting a hold of the owner, whose last business address was actually a mailbox at a UPS Store.

The owner of the UPS Store told 10TV that the mailbox is now is registered to a woman.

"To top it off, I've seen that now the same address he's showing in Grove City he's come up with a 1-800 number to have people call in to donate for cancer research as well as write checks," said Cockrell.

Cockrell said police were looking into"Scapes Landscaping" after others filed reports against the company but officers said at this point the owner's actions aren't criminal because he completed some of the work.

Cockrell said that's why others should be aware and vigilant, especially this time of year.

"It's awful what he's done," he said.

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