Home Break-Ins Continue In North Columbus Neighborhood


Home break-ins and thefts have been reported by several residents around Summit Avenue, North High Street and East Hudson Street
Hannah Storm said she’s holding her 2-year-old especially close these days at her Maynard Avenue home.

“I'm pretty strong but I'm actually afraid, genuinely afraid of being alone right now,” said Foster.”I thought this was a decent neighborhood, I still do think it's a decent neighborhood. It makes me angry because I've been very poor and moved myself up in life."

Earlier this week, someone busted into her house while she was away. Foster said they tried to put their hands through the window and open the lock.

He couldn’t get in that way but eventually made his way through a screen in a window.

Foster said there are not a lot of electronics around her home, so the burglar left empty handed.

But in other parts of the neighborhood, burglars recently got away with electronics and jewelry.

"The stereo, he usually has it hooked up to that was kind of moved to the side,” said victim Zel Henderson.

Someone came through Henderson’s window and took about $1,000 in electronics.

He has a new security system to keep criminals out.

“You want to feel, obviously, protected and stuff when you're sleeping here and when you’re at your house and hoping you don't have people, invasion of your privacy,” he said.

It’s still not clear if all these home break-ins could be connected.

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