Hocking County Waging New War On Drugs, Crime

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The Hocking County Sheriff’s Department is waging a new war on drugs and crime.  

Sheriff Lanny North says the two illegal activities go hand-in-hand, and he wants to cut it off from the source.

10TV spends a day with the Hocking County Sheriff's Interdiction Unit.

Months into the new program, Sheriff North says their new methods are posting up big results.

It's a daily search for drugs and for the people making them.

At one stop, they say they are looking for heroin, but after searching the house, they come up essentially empty handed.

So, they head to another stop along rural county roads, in search of methamphetamine.

Although deputies say they don't find the meth or meth-making equipment, they say they found a half-pound bag of marijuana leafs.

“The lady in that trailer said her boyfriend's growing marijuana. Those are the leaves from the marijuana she was growing,” said Hocking County Deputy Alex Brown.

Inside the house, Brown says they found drug paraphernalia, a grow lamp, and several live marijuana plants.

“There's always a relationship between drugs and thefts. Most of the people we arrested for theft-related crimes, confessed on why they did it. They did it for their addiction to drugs,” said Hocking County Sheriff Lanny North.

Before this program, the Hocking County Sheriff says burglaries and thefts were on the rise by about 30% compared to last year. Now, with the program in place, he says they're down by about the same amount, if not more.

Sheriff North also says 83 people have been charged since the inception of the program.

It's an endless search in the most unusual of places, with the most unusual of findings.

All, with the goal of curbing crime and keeping their community safe.

The Hocking County Sheriff tells 10tv they modeled their Interdiction Unit on something similar in Fairfield County, and with their recent success, the sheriff says they've had others calling on him for advice.