Hit And Run Witness Comforted Injured Motorcyclist

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A motorcyclist is hit twice on I-270 south near the Tuttle Crossing exit, now police are trying to track down the second driver who took off from the scene.

The crash happened on July 4th.
"It was surreal. It's not something that you expect to drive up on at three in the morning," said Shannon Best.

"The cars that were braking started to go off to the right," said Best.

When she discovered what they were avoiding, Best was shocked.  A man was lying on the highway.  Another man was trying to wave traffic around.

"I kneeled in the road with him and I kept talking to him, asked him his name, tried to keep him conscious,"  Best said.

Police say he is Moses McCown.

"He was in a lot of pain, trying to move around so we tried to keep him still,"  said Best.

A driver from Oklahoma had been riding behind McCown.  Police say he hit McCown and knocked him off the bike.  The driver says a semi then came along and ran over McCown.  Best saw the semi, but doesn't remember details.

"I just remembered seeing a semi brake and two other cars brake and go to the right so I slowed down,"  Best said.

She remembers several other people stopped also but left when the medical helicopter landed.  Police are hoping someone can offer a clue to track down the semi.

Grant Medical Center says McCown is now in fair condition.  The first driver who hit McCown has not been cited.  Police are still investigating exactly what happened.

Anyone with information should call Dublin Police at 614-889-1112.