Historic Home Scheduled For Demolition


If you've ever driven down Riverside Drive in Upper Arlington, the empty stone home just north of Henderson Road might not look like much. 

Upper Arlington historians say it's one of the oldest in Franklin County and one of only a few associated with a revolutionary war veteran.

Charlie Groezinger, president of the Upper Arlington Historical Society, is trying to remove and preserve the landmark by the end of the week.

The home is slated for demolition to make way for a luxury apartment building.  Groezinger said the developer, Preferred Living, gave him an extension to find a solution.  Groezinger said he's wary about what it will take.

"Honestly I don't believe we can pick it up without it crumbling at this point," he said.

The home was built in the early 1820's and built out of stone with no foundation, making it nearly impossible to move in one piece.

Groezinger plans to discuss options with construction crews this week as demolition day looms.

"This house is almost two centuries old and with its relationship to the Revolutionary War, it's really sad to lose this if we lose it," he said.

Groezinger said if the house crumbles, historians plan to salvage some of the interior and much of the stone to construct a monument in a city park.