Hilliard Police Warn Of Phone Scams Targeting Residents


Hilliard Police are warning of phone scams that are on the rise.

The calls try to con residents out of money – from hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands.

Police say they are getting about one report per day about callers.

Abigail Rogowski could have lost money to the con artist, but she caught onto him after a couple of weeks.

“Saying that if I would forward packages, I could receive anything from $2,300 to $3,000 a month,” added Rogowski.

Now, she has a lost sense of security.

“My main concern is now they had my name address email and phone number, I was more concerned for the safety of my family,” added Rogowski.

“One time - It only takes one time for these guys to get a victim and it pays off. (In a) 30 second or a minute phone call, someone sends you $5,000 cash, that’s a pretty good payday,” said Hilliard Police Det. Robert Seum.

The scammers falsely say they are with many organizations, including the IRS, Publisher’s Clearinghouse, the FBI, or even your own bank.

Investigators say they are on the brink of taking a case against one of the alleged scammers to the grand jury.

Residents who don’t fall from the scam are trying to help police. They are providing police with the phone numbers from the scammers, but authorities say most crooks have already figured out a work-around for caller ID.

Detectives say that most of the time when they trace the numbers, it goes back to a company that owns the phone. It’s usually not the person they are looking for.