Hilliard Officer Investigated For Allegedly Engaging In Sexual Conduct While On Duty

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A Hilliard police officer is on paid administrative leave and under investigation for alleged sexual misconduct on the job.

10TV is not naming the officer because the investigation is ongoing. It has not been determined whether he committed a crime, but the officer's career with the Hilliard Division of Police is very much in doubt.

The signs at Homestead Park in Hilliard warn of children at play and note that the park closes at dark.

An investigation is focused on a Hilliard police officer allegedly at play there after sundown.

"The allegation is that he had sex while on duty in one of our parks," said Hilliard Police Chief Doug Francis.

He says the division received the complaint from an anonymous source earlier this month.

Friday, Francis notified his officer in writing, "there is reasonable cause to believe that you have committed a serious breach of discipline".     

Records obtained by 10TV reveal the woman the officer is alleged to be involved with "had been arrested by Hilliard Police for assault in October 2009 and was transported and slated" by the officer in question.

A review of the officer's personnel file shows commendations and positive comments.

Last year, he was called "professional and thorough".

He was commended for "exceptional service" twice in 2010.

Letters in 2009 praised his "compassion and kindness," calling him "a credit to Hilliard Police".

In 2005, he was saluted for "bravery".

The officer's personnel file from this year does not sing the same praises.

A letter dated October 18 of this year enumerated multiple examples of his "lack of performance and repeated violations of rules, regulations and policy," including an on-duty crash that totaled his assigned vehicle.

The officer was ruled "at fault" for being "distracted".

The letter says his totaled cruiser was cleaned out and that "marijuana and drug paraphernalia were found" in his trunk.

When questioned, the officer had "no valid explanation" on how the items ended up in his cruiser.

He was also cited for "incorrect or incomplete reports", and ordered to undergo a "Fitness for Duty" evaluation and now this latest allegation.

Hilliard's Chief calls it a very serious matter.

"The community's got our assurances that we're going to do everything we can to get to the bottom of it and get answers," Francis said.

The officer is on paid administrative leave while the investigation is conducted.

Chief Francis says if the investigation turns up evidence of criminal activity, charges will be pursued.

10TV was not able to reach the officer for comment.