Hilliard Man Charged in Murder of Taxi Driver


The Franklin County Sheriff said the man who is accused of murdering a Hilliard-area taxi driver was one of his customers.

Tuesday, detectives filed aggravated murder and robbery charges against Brian Jones. Wendy Devitt said it was five weeks ago that she found out her husband, Paul Devitt, had been murdered, and Tuesday she found out who detectives say did it.

Wendy Devitt said, “Mostly, we are relieved to know there are not other people over the hill. They’ve got the guy.”

Brian Lee Jones is charged with aggravated murder and aggravated robbery.

The Franklin County Sheriff said Jones murdered and robbed Paul Devitt, then left his body near the entrance of a Washington Township mobile home park.

Sheriff Zach Scott said the victim and suspect knew each other.  “It appeared they had some type of relationship, I don't know if you would call it friends, but our victim was known to help a lot of people out,” Scott said.

Sheriff Scott said it's still unknown why Jones was with Devitt on the evening of February 3, but Devitt's wife said her husband would often give Jones rides.

She says she was never concerned about Jones.  “I always got the impression Brian was a victim personality.  He always seemed to need help a lot.  I never got the feeling he was overly dangerous,” Devitt said.

Four days after Paul Devitt's body was found, Columbus police spotted his stolen SUV at a west Columbus motel.  They found Jones inside one of the rooms.

Sheriff Scott said he believes that Jones was the only person there when the crime occurred, and was the lone gunman.  He also said if convicted of aggravated murder, Jones could face the death penalty.

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