Hilliard Law Director Arrested On Drunken-Driving Charge


Hilliard Law Director Tracy Bradford appeared in a Franklin County courtroom to be arraigned on misdemeanor charge of operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

Bradford was pulled over by Hilliard police on April 23 off Smiley Road.

Police said Bradford displayed glossy, blood-shot eyes, slow speech and an odor of alcohol.

"From the moment he stopped Ms. Bradford to the moment of the arrest, it was done by the book and the way it's supposed to be done, said Hilliard police chief Doug Francis.

Bradford is seen on police dash camera video performing several sobriety checks before the officer asks her to put her hands behind back and tells her she's under arrest for OVI.

Later, while in a holding cell, a camera recorded Bradford talking to the officer

"How long have you worked for us?” said Bradford.
“What?” replied the officer.
“How long have you worked for us?” said Bradford.
“Nine years,” said the officer.
“I hope you've enjoyed it,” said Bradford.

Hilliard's police chief says while some people may view that Bradford's comments as threatening - he doesn't, and neither did the officer.

"The officer didn't feel like it was a threat I listened to it I didn't think it was threat,” said Francis.

Bradford is back at work for the city. Because she refused a breath test, her license was suspended.

However, the city official tells 10tv her license suspension was stayed until she has a hearing in the case.

Bradford declined our request for an interview. She's been law director for less than four months.