High Winds Close Roads And Cause Injury In Fayette County


The powerful storms that tore through Jeffersonville Sunday night caused a lot of damage and injured one person at a campground.  

Jefferson Township fire crews said a man had to be pulled from his camper after it was blown off its foundation and he was trapped inside.

Trailers were tossed around like toys at the Walnut Lake Campground.

Campground owner, Stacey Everhart said, “It actually felt like the building was breathing.”

The trailers are homes for some, and retreats for others, but many were reduced to debris.

Everhart said, “My main thing was just to make sure all the people were okay. I was scared for the people here.”

Mark Newport lives at the campground.

“I ran and grabbed my front door, and shut it, and I held my front door shut. All the sudden, I saw roofing flying off everywhere, and trailers were rolling over,” said Newport.

A man was stuck inside one of the trailers.    

“We kicked through and we had a lot of people helping to get him out. He was conscious,” Everhart said.

Everhart said the man was the only camper hurt. She said many of the trailers were empty; many of the campers were gone.

Local Home Depot employees were going door to door offering supplies and help to those who needed it.

Campers said the man who was rescued was transported to an area hospital with shoulder and neck pain, but he is expected to be okay.

Home Depot employees are supposed to return Monday morning to help with the cleanup efforts.

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