High School Students Keep Candles Lit For Families Of Victims

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Time and time again on Monday, Ryan Bartolotta and his friends have relit candles at a Newtown Town Square memorial.

"These candles were lit by the parents of the fallen victims, and it's a symbol of hope. And we want to keep these lit, so these parents have hope and to know that it's going to be alright," said

The group of high school students from nearby Southbury risked punishment for skipping school to be at the memorial.

"We want Sandy Hook and Newtown to know that we're there for them and they can come next door, and we'll do everything we can to help them out and make it a little easier on them," said Bartolotta.

"I want to be here to embrace these people with open arms to keep their spirits alive, to keep these candles lit, a symbolism of spirit," added Raymond Massi.

"My father was a first responder. My father is on the tactical team. And we want him to know that we're very proud of him, and he did everything he could and we're always there to help him get through this," added Bartolotta.

On a day when everyone in Newtown could use a good hug, a flame as fragile as those children who lost their lives, flickers as a sign of compassion.

"Keep them lit, keep their spirits alive, and try to move forward -- but never forget," said Massi.

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