High School Student Locked Up After Social Media Threat


A social media threat landed a local high school student behind bars.

Police say a Pickerington student recorded the threat and posted it online.

They say it included statements about bringing a weapon to school.

All was quiet on the campus of Pickerington High School Central Wednesday.

Police say it might have been a very different story had a student there made good on a videotaped threat.

"A gentleman was directing a threat to a specific student there,” said Pickerington Police Commander Greg Annis. “Basically along with that, he had referred to in this video that he may be bringing a gun, a heater or a strap to Central. A heater or a strap is slang which also refers to a firearm."
Both the sender and the recipient of the threat are 16-year-old males.

Annis says it's unclear whether the teen making the threat had the intent or means to follow through.

"We take any threats of that nature very, very seriously. That's something we're not going to stand idle by, particularly with the threat of a weapon being brought to the school. We do take that very seriously.”              

He says teens need to understand, even words can have very real consequences.

“You make a video, the chances of that getting out to the public realm are very good that that may happen. And if we get ahold of anything that is of a specific nature of a threat, we will act on it."

Pickerington Local Schools Superintendent Rob Walker tells 10TV that four other students who were involved in the video were disciplined by the school.

Police say only the actions of the 16 year old amounted to a crime.

He is charged with two counts of inducing panic and one count of aggravated menacing, and could face 18 months behind bars if found guilty.

A judge has ruled him a danger to himself and others, and ordered him held in juvenile detention until further notice.

10TV was not able to reach his parents for comment.