High School Athletes, Band Members Staying Cool During The Summer Heat


As temps heat up on the field, local coaches are doing what they can to keep their players safe. With temperatures hovering in the mid-90s in central Ohio, many of us are doing whatever we can to keep cool. That includes athletes and band members who are practicing in the sizzling heat.

Westerville South High School soccer coach Aaron Linden watches more than his players’ technique and ability. He is also watching that they don’t get too hot.  “Watching their finger tips and lips, that is a sign of dehydration. I’m just keeping an eye on them if they aren't sweating, there is a reason,” Linden said.

Coach Linden says his players know, if they're not feeling right, they need to take a break.

Junior Massilon Myers said his heat exhaustion last year was a wake-up call that he needed to drink more water while practicing.

Coach Linden said every 15 or 20 minutes, his players go get a drink.

Just across the Westerville South campus, there's another group trying to beat the heat.

“It may not have the physical contact football or soccer may have, but the kids are still working really hard out in the sun and sweating a lot,” John Laswell, Westerville South band director said.

Some band members, including the bass line chose to play outside.  “It's good to practice outside because that is where we will be performing in a competition or football game,” band member Blaise Richard said.

The band members keep water an arm’s length away and are trying their best to stay in the shade. Back on the soccer field, Linden shows he’s not all work by letting his players get in an ice bath after practice.

Linden said, while he always wants to win, his players health comes before anything else.