Help Needed For Puppy That Suffered 3 Broken Legs

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A Shih Tzu puppy named Smushy is receiving round-the-clock care after she suffered three broken legs, and the Fairfield-Area Humane Society is trying to determine if the injuries were the result of abuse, 10TV's Andy Hirsch reported on Friday.

A person brought the injured dog to investigators earlier this week.

Although the dog currently has two broken legs, a veterinarian determined that a third leg had been broken less than a month ago. X-rays showed the leg was repaired and vets removed pins and wire used to help heal the fracture, Hirsch reported.

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"When you have an animal that's only 4 months old, and she's had three broken legs in less than a month, you kind of have to raise eyebrows," said Michelle Sahr, executive director of the Fairfield-Area Humane Society.

According to veterinarian Dr. Lynn Grinstead, X-rays of the dog's injuries do not prove that abuse occurred, but she does not think that the injuries were the result of a minor mishap.

"(It was) something traumatic," Grinstead said. "Not just a, 'Maybe I tripped over you on the floor.'  It was something more than that."

Grinstead is scheduled to perform surgery on the dog's broken legs next week. In the meantime, workers have their hands full caring for Smushy.

"She can't stand to use the bathroom, she can't stand or move to get something to eat or drink," Sahr said.  "She can't sleep because she's so uncomfortable."

Veterinarians said the dog has a long road to recovery, and the worst-case scenario would involve losing one of her legs, Hirsch reported.

"She's four months old and has barely had a chance," Sahr said.  "What a horrible four months. She deserves a shot."

People interested in helping pay for Smushy's care can do so by visiting the Fairfield-Area Humane Society Web site.

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