Helicopter Breaks Down In Middle Of Highway Near Chillicothe


A medical helicopter was stuck on US-23 south of Chillicothe because of mechanical problems.

Deputies had to close the highway early Monday morning after a Medflight helicopter broke down while landing at the scene of a vehicle crash.

Rescue workers were able to move the helicopter off to the side of the road and reopen US-23 around 6:00 a.m. Monday.

The initial vehicle crash happened just before midnight in the Chillicothe area.  It involved just one vehicle and deputies say the driver was badly injured. 

The chopper was unable to assist with transporting that patient after it landed because of mechanical problems.  The Ohio Highway Patrol helped get mechanics to the scene and move the chopper off the highway.

The patient who was injured in the vehicle crash was taken to the hospital by medics. 

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