Heavy Snow Fall Slows Travelers In Southern Ohio


Ellie Ford’s trip from Indiana to North Carolina got interrupted while going through Ohio. By the time she reached Jackson County, the snow became too much.

“That’s why I pulled over. I’m waiting for them to plow it and put salt down, and then I’m going to go,” said Ford.

As travelers headed further south in the state, snow became heavier.

More than six inches of snow fell in Jackson County. Many drivers took refuge at a rest area.

Bruce Dempsey was hauling a trailer and trying to get to West Virginia. He decided to pull into the rest area when the roads became too dangerous.

“Further I went - the worst it got. Finally, I pulled over and said that’s enough,” said Dempsey.

The tip of the snowfall entered Pickaway County, and the Ohio Department of Transportation had plows on the road. In Ross County, several inches made a mess for commuters who really did not want to deal with it.

“I’m on my way to snow removal at the hospital, so that’s the only reason I’m out in it,” said Tom Stacey.

Plows in Chillicothe lined up to clear what they could, but it wasn’t enough to prevent schools from shutting down.

Crews finally made it down through Jackson County, but Ellie Ford wasn’t quite ready to head out with her children again.

She sat in the rest area to rest her nerves before heading back out on the highway.