Heavy Snow Caused Problems for Drivers on Delaware County Roads

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Drivers who got too close to ODOT trucks plowing I-71 in Delaware County found out how hard it is to drive when plows are blowing snow on their windshields.

Blowing snow was a real issue Sunday along US 37 in Berlin Township.

Township plows were working as fast as they could to keep the roads clear for traffic and school bus drivers.

"Some of our roads, you clear them off and in an hour or two hours they're covered again", said Chris Paykoff, a Berlin Township Plow Driver.

The heavy snow forced some drivers into ditches and others slid off the freeway into the metal guardrail.

There were no reports of any injury crashes.

As of Sunday evening, ODOT reports 125 plows working interstates and US routes in 8 Central Ohio counties. Crews are expected to work throughout out the night.

One salt barn in Delaware County is almost down to the walls with just one mound of salt left.

MaryFran Cassidy of Delaware says she measured 5 inches of snow at her doorstep, so she put on her high heels, grabbed a shovel and starting making a clearing.

She says this is nothing like the storm in 1978 when she was living in Cambridge.

" We had 5 days of school the whole month of January to so that was a bad one," Cassidy said.

The storm is keeping tow truck drivers busy, and some say wait times may extend two hours depending on the numbers of calls for service.

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