Hearings on 'Heartbeat' Bill Continue

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Hearings on the controversial heartbeat bill continued on Wednesday at the Ohio Statehouse.

If approved, House Bill 125 would make abortions illegal if a baby's heartbeat could be detected, 10TV's Shayla Reaves reported.

Lawmakers heard more emotional testimony from women who said they were misinformed about abortions and want to see the bill pass to help other women.

"One of the things I've learned throughout the years is, yes it is your body, but that's a different person unique to you," said supporter Kathryn Bretz. "They're not you and that person should have a right as well."

If passed, it would be the most restrictive abortion law in America, effecting pregnancies as early as the six-week mark, Reaves reported.

Opponents said the bill is unconstitutional and will surely be challenged in court.

"These decisions are being made by a religious minority that wants to arbitrarily define when life begins," said Cheryl Pantella, co-president of the National Council of Jewish Women.   

Dozens of lawmakers have voiced support for the bill.

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