Hearing Transcripts Reveal New Information In Firefighter Sex Scandal

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He is the Columbus Firefighter whose on-the-job affair sparked a sex scandal at the Division of Fire.

Last month, the city fired Marc Cain for his misconduct.

But the story doesn't end there.  Cain is appealing that ruling, and now we're getting a look at his case for a second chance

10TV has obtained transcripts from Cain’s hearing with the Safety Director.  They list in Cain's own words his explanations for his actions, and why he feels he deserves to keep his job.  He blames everything from job stress to lax enforcement at the fire division, to his own failures of judgment.

It was Marc Cain's extramarital affair with an 18 year old woman, conducted within the walls of Station 17, that set in motion a year of scandal at the Columbus Division of Fire.

What might have been a private transgression by a public employee, happened on city time, on city property, and pulled in many of his co-workers.

But it went further.

Investigators found Cain allowed his young mistress free reign at the firehouse, including after-hours visits to his bedroom and rides on medics and rescue vehicles.

They found him guilty of Dishonesty, Insubordination, and Failure of Good Behavior.

In his own defense, Cain pleaded his case to Columbus Safety Director Mitchell Brown.

He admitted his affair, but still maintains it never happened on the job.  "I know that I was not dishonest with the fire department. I had an affair outside the firehouse," Cain said.

He admits having his mistress to the station, but says, "I was going along with common practice at the firehouse.  Throughout my whole career and being at many stations, ride-alongs have always been acceptable, common practice."

Cain's union representative said Cain was "caught up in the culture of- or climate- of lax policy (and was) the victim of that." 

Cain says through therapy, he has come to understand he "suffered from a stress typical of police and firemen who remain in active houses seeing traumatic events. I apparently compartmentalized my life so I could deal with my stress. I kept my affair separate from my life in my head."

And he says he's not the only one.  "This is not the first affair the fire department has had. This one ended badly."

However he does claim some responsibility.

"I have made some mistakes. I am not proud of these mistakes,” he said. “My conduct has brought embarrassment to the department and to the fire service. It has also brought shame and embarrassment for me, my wife, and my children."

Cain has 24 years and 2 months of service with the Fire Division.  He pleaded with the City to allow him to stay on 10 months longer, when he would have been eligible to collect his pension.

The Safety Director was not swayed, and fired him.

Cain is currently appealing to the Civil Service Commission.