Health Officials Warn Of Rise In Liquid Nicotine Poisonings


Health officials report a spike in Central Ohio children poisoning themselves with liquid nicotine, which is what people use in e-cigarettes.

As more e-cigarettes end up in people's homes, health officials worry more bottles of liquid nicotine will end up in the wrong hands.  Namely, that of children, who don't know better and drink it.

Evolved Vapors, in Grandview Heights, offers flavors that sound enticing and reportedly tastes good, but that's also why co-owner Alec Cardellino says he puts warnings on bottles.

"It lets you know, right on the side, this product contains nicotine. Keep out of the reach of children," said Cardellino.

They also offer child-proof caps.  Cardellino shows 10TV how his bottles come with needles to drip in the fluid, but says it's an easy swap to put on a top that's tougher to get off.

"We find that's a very good fit for somebody trying to keep this out of their kid's hands," said Cardellino.

As much as he says the helps, health officials say there are still problems.

The Central Ohio Poison Center reports cases of children ingesting liquid nicotine over the past three years, but with an increase of e-cigarette use and a rise in cases over the past 3 months, they anticipate 60 cases this year alone.

"Remember, three year olds don't read yet. It's just a bottle. It smells like chocolate, or cherry, or vanilla or mint and it's there and it's potentially quite dangerous," said Henry Spiller, Director of the Central Ohio Poison Center.

Director Henry Spiller says he's concerned with the rise in children drinking liquid nicotine. He says it can cause nausea, vomiting, seizures, and even death.

"This is something at a level of risk that we're worried about," said Spiller.

The more potent the solution is, the more dangerous it can be.

"If you're that concerned that your kids can get into unsafe portions of your house, whether it be your bleach, whether it be your e-liquid, whether it be your firearms, or anything similar, keep it safe," said Cardellino.

Cardellino says Evolved Vapor does not charge to put on the child-resistant tops. They, along with those from the Central Ohio Poison Center, want to warn parents to use caution before it is too late.

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