Health Officials Warn That Mumps Cases May Increase In Fall

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The recent mumps outbreak appears be slowing down for the summer. However, it may pick back up in the next few months during the fall.

The Central Ohio outbreak has now slowed to two to three new cases per week, but that number could soon change.

Dr. Teresa Long says she's concerned that the end of the outbreak has only come to a pause.

"We indeed could see that increase in the fall,” Long says. “And that would sadly not be because of the important work that's gone on, but just because we're having this disease that actually spreads more during the spring and fall.”

Dr. Long added Columbus normally only sees two of three cases of mumps per year.

The Columbus Health Commissioner says she would like to see a lot more people vaccinated against mumps before kids return to school and college at the end of summer.

The Central Ohio outbreak includes more than 453 cases, which is the largest in the nation. The 2014, central Ohio mumps incidence is the highest since 1979 when 930 cases were reported for the entire year.