Health Officials Warn Of ‘Mio Challenge’ That Could Cause Health Problems In Students

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Some teens have discovered a new – and dangerous – way to enjoy a popular water additive.

According to the official website for Mio Energy, the Kraft-produced water additive contains 60 milligrams of caffeine per serving. One bottle contains 12 servings.

As the bottle reads, consumers are directed to put one drop of Mio Energy in an 8 oz. bottle of water.

Some young people, though, are trying to consume the entire bottle at once without any water, called the “Mio Challenge.”

Health professionals said that there could be reason for concern with the new challenge.

One bottle of Mio Energy contains 720 milligrams of caffeine or 12 cups of coffee.

According to representatives from the Ohio Association of School Nurses, the amount of caffeine could pose a risk to students who may be on certain medication or have an underlying – or unknown – heart condition.

They said that what may look like a fun challenge could have a serious health risk.

Several representatives from Franklin and Delaware county schools said that they had not heard of the Mio Challenge but said that they do not sell or allow the drinks inside of schools.

School officials told 10TV News that they try to keep an eye on the many energy drinks and high-sugar drinks brought into schools by students. 

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