#HashtagLunchbag Works To End Hunger In Central Ohio

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A group of young Central Ohioans braved this weekend's weather to end hunger with #HashtagLunchbag.

"It's a national initiative in which we come together one Sunday per month and put together brown bag lunches so we can go out and feed the homeless," said #HashtagLunchbag volunteer Neteah Hatchett.

Hatchett and two friends lead this growing group of regulars interested in community service.

"A lot of times homeless people are forgotten about, especially during these times," said Hatchett.

The purpose of #HashtagLunchbag is to remember and feed those who are going without.

The movement started in California and through the power of social media arrived in Columbus in 2014.

Volunteers distribute coats and blankets to people who need them in addition to packing 200 brown bag lunches, complete with sandwiches, cookies, fruit and water.

Volunteer Xavier Myers said this is his opportunity to be a light to people living life in the shadows.

"It's good for them to see that someone actually cares and is coming out to see them," Myers said.

#HashtagLunchbag volunteers are bold especially in the cold: making deliveries of brown bag nourishment, offering a much needed blanket or even an encouraging word. Volunteers said they realize not much separates them from those they are there to serve.

"I mean essentially that could be any of us, so you would want someone to do the same for you. That's how we look at it," said Hatchett.

Visit the #HashtagLunchbag website to learn how to become a volunteer.