Harsh Winter Forces Some Central Ohio Communities To Dig Deep Into Pockets


Snow for spring break meant another long night for road crews pulling 12-hours shifts trying to clear the roads. 

Central Ohio has seen more than 40 inches of snow this year -- more than triple what the area received last year.

The long, harsh winter is taking a financial toll on some central Ohio communities charged with removing the snow for their residents.

City officials for Delaware say that last year, the city spent about $50,000 to keep roads clear. So far this year, that number has jumped to more than $86,000.

London, in Madison County, has spent nearly four times more on snow removal this year than last.  

And the City of Dublin doubled its costs -- a $500,000 last year compared to more than $1 million this year.  

Dublin’s Operation Administrator, William Grubaugh Jr., says so far this year, the city has used more than 7,000 tons of salt, compared to 3,300 tons last year.  

Grubaugh says the cost is high because a plow will visit every street in Dublin every time it snows.

"Courts, alleys, cul-de-sacs, we clean the roads completely 100 percent every storm. “Every snow, every street."

Last year, March in Ohio brought temperatures in the 70s and 80s. This year the same month brought 11 inches of snowfall.  

Community leaders say they've learned to budget for the worst.

"We had a mild year last year, but we knew that was an exception to the rule and we didn't alter our budget too awful much knowing it's so unpredictable"

And unpredictable Ohio weather means even now, it may be too soon to park the plows for the season.  

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