Gunman Was Getting Fired From OSU Job


The man who shot two co-workers inside an Ohio State campus building before committing suicide on Tuesday morning learned last week that he was getting fired.

Nathaniel Brown was already struggling to keep his home from going into foreclosure, 10TV's Maureen Kocot reported.

Brown, 51, lost his job even as he was working his mortgage lender to keep his north side home on Grasmere Avenue.  Although it was stress on top of stress, neighbors who described Brown as polite said that they were stunned.

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According to neighbors, Brown was unemployed until October, when Ohio State put him on the maintenance payroll.

"He seemed to be a pretty good dude to me," said Hubert Brown, a neighbor.  "He was happy to be back at work, so I don't know what went on.  He snapped for some reason."

Nathaniel Brown served five years in prison in the 1970s and 1980s for receiving stolen property, according to the Ohio Department of Corrections.

According to a March 2 letter to Nathaniel Brown from Ohio State, his immediate supervisor rated his job performance "unsatisfactory" for reasons that included getting caught sleeping on the job.

The letter that was obtained by 10TV News continued with, "I regret to inform you that you are removed effective March 13."

Nathaniel Brown not only lost his job, but he was at risk of losing his home.  He was working with his mortgage lender and a mediator to keep his house from going into foreclosure, Kocot reported.

No one may ever fully understand why Nathaniel Brown walked into the OSU Maintenance Building, armed with two handguns, and shot two people before he took his own life.

"Its surprising to me - for him - for that to go on like that because of the way he carried himself," said Archie Whittington, a neighbor.

Neighbors told Kocot that they saw Columbus SWAT officers at the home, likely to search for evidence that could help explain a motive behind the killings.

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