Gun Business Booming Amid Talk Of Stricter Firearm Policy

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Central Ohio gun stores said that business is booming amid talks of stricter gun laws.

Rex Gore said that business at the Black Wing Shooting Center is always busy around the holidays, but business increased significantly lately.

Gore said that the recent talk of changing gun laws has meant big business.

"That has heightened everybody's awareness and a lot of the gun owners are afraid of the attempt to take away their second amendment rights," Gore said.

Gore said that he supports efforts to look at violence, but feels new gun laws are not the answer.

"It's not really a gun control issue. It's an issue that's deeper than that that really needs to be addressed and whether it's the mental issues that we're dealing with some of these cases," Gore said.

On Wednesday, President Obama called for stricter background checks and a renewed ban on assault weapons. The call for action came days after a gunman murdered 27 people, including 20 children, in Newtown, Conn.

The Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence praised Obama's push for change. The President wants proposals sent to congress by January.

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