Growing Number Of Owners Purchasing Pet Insurance


When David White and his wife rescued their pet, Fannie, last summer and it was love at first sight.

He said pets like Fannie are considered a member of the family.

White, the Executive Director of the Animals for Life Foundation, also knows that most people are willing to spend whatever it takes to keep those family members healthy.

"We spent nearly $50 billion in the United States last year on our pets. We spent more than women spend on clothing, that's how our animals are to us," said White.

Columbus Veterinarian Dr. Tod Beckett admits caring for pets comes at a cost.

Fixing something like a broken bone could cost as much as $4,000.

One option to help pay for it is pet insurance.

"In the last 20 years when I started practicing, there wasn't pet insurance. And now it's an option," said Beckett.

A pet health insurance policy reimburses you for covered veterinary care.

The Ohio Department of Insurance said policies typically itemize covered treatments, and have deductibles and lifetime or per illness maximums.

The cost of a pet health insurance policy will vary based on the amount of coverage, the type of coverage, the species and the age of the pet, and even what breed of animal.

"There's major medical, which is for catastrophic events, hit by cars. Then there's a preventative wellness, which is a little more economical. So I think it depends on what level of coverage. I've seen ranges from $30 dollars a month to up to $100 a month depending on the level of care you want," said Beckett.

White is considering a policy for Fannie, considering what happened to his last dog.

"He had to have cataract surgery which was nearly $3,000. (I) wish I had pet insurance then," said White.

David gladly paid the bill. It is what you do for family.

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