Groveport Madison To Use Security Grant To Improve School Security

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Security changes are coming to the Groveport Madison School district that will increase student safety at each of its schools.

The district has been awarded a safety grant that will allow it to outfit the main entrance, at each of its buildings, with a buzzer and camera system for visitors to use during regular school hours.

The main door to buildings in the Groveport Madison School District is always open for parents and visitors.

Donald Deskins picks up his great-grandson from school every day.

“I come over, and I've been able to just walk right in," said Deskins, whose 12-year-old great-grandson attends middle school in the district.

Safety and Security Director Rich Playko says someone is always monitoring.

“Granted, if you come in the front door you either go into the office or go by it, where we will still see you,” said Rich Playko. “But it is getting into the building."

Playko says that is why the district is excited about a grant that will allow them to install a buzzer/camera system.

"We can go to a complete lockdown now and lock every door in the building and know automatically that we lock every door in the building,” said Playko. "And that is the way the protocol should be from this point on."

Playko says every time the buzzer is pressed the system records the exchange, providing extra protection in case there is a problem.

"Police can come in and pull that chip, and look at it, and see the person and see whatever card they put up for identification."

Deskins says he is pleased to see the security upgrades.

"That makes me feel a lot better. There is a lot of stuff that goes on in the schools now that it really makes you get concerned about different things,” said Deskins

The district says the company installing the buzzer system visited the buildings Friday morning and the goal is to start putting them in by March 1.