Grove City Woman Survives Three Organ Transplants

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Doctors told Teresa Diggs she would not live far into adulthood.

This Christmas a Columbus woman is celebrating the holidays as a survivor.

“It's my third chance at life, I'm so grateful,” Diggs said.

The garland and bows decorating the outside of her home have special meaning- they are a symbol of her health.

“This year I'm going all out baking including the buckeyes, sugar cookies, things like that.”

It was only six months ago when Diggs was facing death.

Her only chance at survival was a kidney and heart transplant.

12 years earlier Diggs had her first heart transplant shortly after she was diagnosed with cardio myopathy, but the heart failed.

Because this would be her second transplant and she was considered high risk, Diggs could not find a transplant center that would help her.

After months of searching she started undergoing treatment at Northwestern Memorial.

“That's when I got the call. I received the gift of life that saved my life and now I'm here,” Diggs said.  

According to Lifeline of Ohio, 116,000 Americans are waiting right now for a life-saving organ transplant.

Diggs said she considers herself lucky- she has plenty of gifts under her tree.

But she said the one thing she is most grateful for cannot be found there.

“This gift isn’t shiny and bright and doesn't have bows on it.  It's the gift of life.”

Diggs said you can't put a price tag on the gift of life.

Teresa now volunteers with Lifeline Ohio and encourages people to sign up to be an organ donor.