Grove City Police Using New Technology To Get A Jump On Criminals


Grove City Police Sgt. Chris Emmelhainz is pinpointing crime through a new software program, believed to be the first of its kind in central Ohio.

“It shows me what times they're happening,” said Emmelhainz. “Basically, (we are) just trying to be as proactive as we can instead of just being reactive.”

The program is called Crimeview Dashboard. Instead of hitting the streets looking for crime, officers now go out knowing the most likely path criminals will take.

They can also tell if a certain crime will spike during their shift, where criminals will hit and even what method will be used to commit the crime.

Grove City police are using the program to stifle a shoplifting problem along Stringtown Road. They say stores that were seeing one or two shoplifters a day are now logging closer to one a week.

“The one that we have had here in the past two weeks, during those hours, the individual, when he came out of the store, he was apprehended before we even got the call from the store that we had the shoplifter,” explained Emmelhainz.

In the past, push pins were used on a map to mark where crimes had occurred, and detailed reports were only submitted on a monthly basis.

Now, anytime roll call is taken, statistics can be up to the second.

“If we are having an effect somewhere, and if it would happen to just push crime maybe to different area, we can quickly react to that and move to those new areas."

If that crime moves near where you live or work or kids go to school, police say this this new resource helps take the guesswork out of tracking criminals.