Grove City Police Get Intense New Virtual Training

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The Grove City Police have new virtual training technology that is highly simulating and can present the officers with a high-tech way to prepare for a variety of situations.

There is no question that being a police officer is a full-time job, and now, the Grove City Police have a crime fighting tool that can be ready whenever they are.

The new technology is on demand and virtually unmatched by reality, there is nothing else like it out there.

The Grove City Police are receiving some of their most meaningful training lessons through virtual simulation.  

Grove City's new use-of-force simulator is an interactive video system. This system can change suspect actions mid-scene to provide a variety of scenarios.

One example of a casual situation can turn into training through the simulation.

Trainees hear different sights and sounds.

“John let's go.. Outside right now.. John calm down.. Don't - Taser, Taser, Taser!”

An on-duty patrol officer can come to the simulator anytime during his shift. He can then get a briefing from an instructor, and within seconds can find himself engaged in a deadly

Sgt. Rick Hardy, of the Grove City Police said, “We want them to get their blood pressure up. We want them to get their adrenaline going. We want them to think it's real life because we want them to be able to react in real life to how they react in training.”

The police said that stress in the simulator means calm on the streets.

“We can make the gun fail ourselves... And they'll look-- well the gun's not working... Well you can't do that on the street… You don't raise your hand and say- my gun's broken, what do I
do?” said Hardy.

Now those answers can now be found without consequence.

The new training tool cost a total of $75,000 but was entirely paid for with drug seizure money. Grove City also plans to put its citizen's police academy through the training so they can
better appreciate how hard their force works.

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