Grove City Neighbors Raise Concerns About Beehives

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A neighborhood is all abuzz over a resident's hobby of beekeeping.

"Up here is pretty much all honey," Shannon Arnett said when describing one of the three hives on his property.

Bees have become Arnett's passion.

The Grove City resident started his hobby this past spring, but some of his neighbors have not been so supportive.

"It's been a growing problem since spring," said Brian Grove, who lives right next door to Arnett. "It's disturbing."

Grove says sitting on the deck with his friends and family isn't always possible because of the bees.

"What was initially a nuisance has now become a safety issue," he said. "We had bees that were in our patio furniture. They were behind our siding. In fact, they wouldn't even allow us to come outside."

Grove has taken his complaints to city council and one city council member tells 10TV he is working on the issue.

"We're trying to figure out how to do this without completely uprooting and destroying the opportunity for people who are responsible keepers from being able to enjoy their hobby," said council member Steve Bennett.

Bennett says he has been researching how other Ohio communities have treated the insect.

"We have to make it so we can all live together," he said.

Grove says even he doesn't want a total ban, but something that keeps his family safe.

"Given the fact the kids are playing with a soccer ball and it hits the hive or the fact that I cut my grass and it disturbs the bees. I could potentially be swarmed by these bees and be stung," Grove said.

Arnett admits he could live with some restrictions as long as his honey and his hobby can stay.

"I'd like for them to allow us to keep bees because I'm not the only bee keeper in Grove City," he said.

Bennett says he is hoping to present his proposed ordinance for a first reading at the next council meeting on August 4th.

He says there would be two readings before any vote.

Grove City is not the only city that does not have rules about bees. Reynoldsburg and Worthington do not have legislation  restricting beehives. Hilliard has a ban on beekeeping.