Group Seeks To Expose Hate Speech Posted By Ohio State Students


One group is taking to the web to call out Ohio State students who post hateful messages online.

The group called "OSU Haters" said that the goal is to expose hate speech posted by students.

In an e-mail, the group said that the idea was inspired after members witnessed "multiple sightings of hate speech online."

Most of the postings exposed by the group were too explicit to print, some containing jokes about Hiroshima and honor killings.

Members said that the posts continued without consequence and were sometimes promoted and shared by peers.

Doctoral Student Kimberly McKee said that the tweets were not at all representative of her experience at The Ohio State University, but that does not mean they hurt any less.

"I think for me what's upsetting is realizing the fact that to some people still at Ohio State, when they see people who look like me, they think of someone who doesn't belong," McKee said.

Ohio State graduate Brandon Edwards said that he disagrees with the hateful postings, but does not think public shaming is the answer.

"I don't think retribution should be the goal here," Edwards said. "I think the goal should be a conversation."

Edwards said that the group's effort to expose hate has simply reversed it.

"There were these hateful comments coming from one side, and now all these people are tweeting hateful things at them," Edwards said.

One of the offensive accounts was shut down Thursday night, with the tweet, "I have deeply hurt some people, which truly was not my intention. I'm sorry."

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