Group Rallies Outside Knox County Courthouse In Effort To Save Dog

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A hearing Friday afternoon was being held at the Knox County Courthouse over the future of Fletch.

Fletch is a two-year-old, brindle colored, mixed lab being held at the Knox County Animal Shelter.

Volunteers at the shelter say Fletch has been there about seven months and nearly two weeks ago was placed in quarantine after he snatched a treat from the hand of a child and scratched her.

Cody Jackson says he is aware the dog has been placed under quarantine but wants to adopt him.

However, volunteers at the Knox County Animal Shelter say the dog warden declared Fletch to be an aggressive animal and ordered the dog be put down.

Jackson and the volunteers, filed, and were granted, an injunction to postpone the scheduled euthanasia.

"The dog just needs to be loved. He has been stuck in a Kennel for far too long he needs to be taken home," said Jackson.

County Commissioners have suspended the volunteer work at the shelter and put out the following statement on Thursday:

"We appreciate the volunteers' efforts but given the volatility of the situation, false accusations and pending legal action we feel it best to suspend the volunteer program at the Knox County Animal Shelter."

During Friday's proceeding, a judge assigned a shelter volunteer to care for the animal during the legal process.