Grocery Store Robbery Victim Fights Back


Police say at least two women worked together to rob another woman while she walked out of a Columbus grocery store.

That victim took action and almost got run over.

It happened in the Kroger parking lot on Georgesville Square in Southwest Columbus.

The victim said she fought back because she was not going to let the suspects get away.

Tammy Brothers jumped inside the alleged thieves' car to get her purse back.

She said it was not about the money.

"It was more about how dare you violate me? I didn't do anything to deserve that," said Brothers.

Not only did the suspects drag Brothers around the parking lot, Brothers said the suspects got away with her license, camera and other personal items.
"I feel like my security has been breached. My address is out there now. My cellphone was lost in the process of it," said Brothers.

Brothers said the robbery happened as she made her way to her car after shopping.

As Brothers started putting the groceries inside her car, police said one of the suspects snatched her purse from the cart, threw it inside an awaiting car and ran off. 

Brothers said that is when she jumped inside the car.

"I got the top half of my body into the car but she immediately began to speed up."