Greyhound Investigating Driver Who Texted While Operating Bus Through Multiple States


A Greyhound bus driver is accused of texting behind the wheel while driving a bus full of passengers travelling to Columbus.  Someone on board was filming at the time, and both riders and Greyhound are speaking out about the uneasy journey.

Chris Vario says his girlfriend was riding on a bus from Pittsburgh to Columbus on Monday when she recorded the video of the Greyhound bus driver texting. In the video, the greyhound bus driver appears to be using a cell phone to text while he's operating the bus.

"He was text messaging repeatedly through Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio the entire time. He had the phone resting in his lap," recalls Vario.

He says his girlfriend was uncomfortable and felt unsafe while the driver was texting. Vario says he called Pittsburgh and Columbus Greyhound bus stations in an effort to get a supervisor to contact the driver to tell him to put his phone away.  However, Vario says the efforts were all in vain.

"(The supervisor) said they don't have any way of doing that and I said, ‘you can call the phone that he's text messaging on, there's ways to do that.’”  Vario says the supervisor replied, ‘we don't want to upset him, he may become more distracted.’

10TV contacted Greyhound about the incident.  The company provided the following statement:

This incident is a concern and we appreciate it being brought to our attention. The safety of our customers is the cornerstone of our business. We have a zero tolerance policy of drivers using their mobile devices at all while driving, and we are currently investigating the situation. The driver has been put on leave until the investigation is complete.