Grenade Found In Chillicothe Home


The Chillicothe Police Department was called to the 400 block of Ringwald Street after someone reported finding a grenade in a garage.

Gloria Kapteina says her home health aide found the grenade while helping organize Kapteina’s garage.

Kapteina says her late husband bought the weapon at a Columbus flea market 10 to 15 years ago but had no idea the grenade was live.

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"They told him when he got it that it was a fake,” Kapteina said. "So we just took it at that."

Kapteina says her home health aide told her husband about the grenade and that the two moved the grenade to the front yard before calling police. Police say that was a risky move.

"When you're dealing with devices of that age, they're very volatile. They can become explosive upon contact with anything,” said Officer Bud Lytle with the Chillicothe Police Department.

"If you get that explosion in one of those neighborhoods, it could cause a substantial amount of damage and possible loss of life or at least an injury to several individuals,” he said.

Worthington Elementary children could have been at risk. They play at recess directly behind Kapteina's property.

However, the school made sure the students were inside while police and a bomb squad members took care of the grenade.

Chillicothe police want residents to call them right away if they find anything similar on their property.

Police also say this is the second grenade found in the area in the past month. The other device was found on August 25 while police executed a search warrant at a home.

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