Graves Of U.S. Veterans Vandalized

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The Fayette County Sheriff's Office is investigating thefts and damage to veterans' graves in a Wayne Township.

Wayne Township trustee, Jim Cooper, says a maintenance worker found the damage Friday afternoon.

"He noticed the gates were shut and the chain was wrapped around it," Cooper said.

About 180 flags were yanked from veterans' graves.  Some of the headstones were broken and damaged.

Cooper and his wife replaced as many flags as they could over the weekend, but they haven't been able to track down family members yet.

"It's hard to tell if we've got any of the family around here," said Cooper.

The Boswell family came by to pay their respects to an uncle, a World War II veteran.  They were shocked the flags were taken from the graves.

"That's a lot of disrespect and the people who took them, why they would take them?  I do not know," said Roger Boswell.

The damaged headstones will be repaired, but there will be consequences if the culprits are caught.

"If we find out who done it, they will be prosecuted as far as we can take them," Cooper said.

The Fayette Sheriff's Office did respond.  Cooper says they're taking the crime seriously.

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